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Labour Skully the mad hat is a rapper by the name of Rick Maxwell. Originally from moss side now living in bury. Trying to bring a music scene to bury,
“ I want to help youngers now the Conservative party have stripped everything and i was a child during labours run. I remember Education Education Education

Rick Maxwell

>this label would be a self sustaining business, where the artists get back what they put in.

For example one person has a recording studio set up and can master. He has 0 credit as does everyone when they start he/she does an ep for someone else on the label an earns x amount credit. Now the artist who needed recording is a photographer /film maker so when the guy who can record and master wants his vizuals doi g he cashes in his x amount of credit. This is an infant of an idea on how to help up and coming artists to get their talents out there 

Skully the mad hat.

Contingency plan This is a project hopefully where some of burys local talent can jump on and make some music.

Mad hat scandal

Ep by skully the mad hat.

Skully the mad hat is Richard maxwell


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